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Wanna help me get out of this dress?


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I know that there are a handful of people who followed my old blog and now follow this one. I’m so grateful for tumblr and the safe space it has provided me through some pretty terrible moments in my life. I’m 100% done applying to med school, I’m waiting on decisions, and can’t believe I’ve come this far. YAY!!! 

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Pretty good is not enough, I wanna be great.

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To whomever is creeping through my oldest of posts….THANK YOU! Idk why you are reblogging my crappy gifs but I love you for giving their notes new life lol *hugs*

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kiss me like you wanna be loved.
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In which Callie Torres + her leather jackets take on the world

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"What the fuck jenny"

— every single person who’s seen the L word  (via angieharmon)
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Ties and bow ties (XX)

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